Create a Healthy Economy

“I've long believed one of the mainsprings of our own liberty has been the widespread ownership of property among our people and the expectation that anyone's child, even from the humblest of families, could grow up to own a business or corporation.”

- Ronald Reagan

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I’m not happy with our state's economy. Period. But like Ronald Reagan, I think the answer is not about begging and bribing out-of-state companies to bail us out, but instead to build our own healthy economy and Put Wyoming First.

Under John Barrasso’s leadership, we fell to last place in the nation for the number of workers that had to leave Wyoming to find employment. For overall economic health, we were ranked last of all 50 states.

Last place is not our destiny, and I have no patience for anyone who says that’s just the way it needs to be. Our children and grandchildren deserve a healthy economy so they too can have the opportunity to raise a family in this special place, and it’s up to us make it happen.

I’m the guy to help get that job done.

I have degrees in economics and business from Stanford University. That alone doesn’t make me an expert – but thirty years as a successful entrepreneur, investor and CEO mentor probably does.

I am the only candidate with experience creating private sector jobs, having built businesses with operations in twenty-two states.

I am the only candidate who operated companies in highly-regulated industries, and who has worked side by side with labor unions for the benefit of all company stakeholders.

If we want to improve our economy, we need to replace a career politician who has never run a business with someone who’s spent his whole adult life running and investing in businesses, and who’s helped dozens of entrepreneurs start and grow companies.

I have specific initiatives that will Put Wyoming First and help preserve our way of life:


We need to create jobs for Wyomingites—not for out-of-staters, and 89% of jobs in America come from businesses with less than 20 employees. We must promote entrepreneurship among our own talented people—and there is nothing I know more about than entrepreneurship, having operated several businesses and invested in over 100 others. My track record led the highest ranked entrepreneurship program in the country to offer me a position on its faculty, where I have since trained hundreds more. I’d like to lead an entrepreneurial revolution in this state, and I’ve got the know-how and the connections to do it. Read more


We need to invest in our workforce, so manufacturers and businesses have access to talent that spans from welders and CNC operators, to software engineers. While John Barrasso has been in office, the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 which provided funding for CTE expired and has not been replaced, even though the House of Representatives passed a replacement bill 405 to 5! Read more


We’re blessed by an abundance of natural resources, but we need to stop turning over those raw resources to other states to reap the largest benefits. We need to Put Wyoming First, and change how we do business with our neighbor states. Whether it be beef, wool, trona or wind – as your senator the days of handing our resources over to other states to capture the bulk of the value and jobs will end. Read more


We must address our crumbling roads and bridges, poor cellular service, and dismal internet access if we want to reach our potential. To do so, we deserve our fair share of Federal funds, and we need a senator that will stop talking about infrastructure and get something done. Across the nation Wyoming keeps the lights on and puts food on the table. Billions of dollars of products pass through our rail and highway system. Our uranium and gas reserves provide for national security. Our economic contribution is not proportional to our population, yet John Barrasso wants to allocate Federal infrastructure funds based on our population. That’s not my idea of Putting Wyoming First. Read more


We will never reach our potential as long as our state has one of the worst health insurance markets in the nation. Employers, especially small businesses, need to be able to provide adequate coverage for their employees in order to attract and retain the best people, and be competitive in the market. But today our businesses are faced with healthcare premiums that are among the highest in the nation. Our senator has done nothing to address this problem, but my Families First Prescription Drug Act will get the ball rolling in the right direction. Read more


We all know that much of America has a pretty poor opinion of coal.  But we need long-term public opinion on our side if we hope to end this War on Coal. Today we have a sympathetic Congress and executive branch – but the fate of coal and our Powder River Basin will span many Congresses and presidents, and we can’t count on a permanent Republican majority. It’s time we changed our image. It’s time we changed how we save coal. I have a plan. Read more

I commit to work my behind off, to build a powerful new Wyoming state economy.

I will use the influence of Wyoming’s U.S. Senate seat and the nationwide business network I have, to build a broader, stronger state economy. Rather than ask out-of-state companies to fix our economy, we will build it from within, preserving our open spaces and way of life.

We will expand entrepreneurship and break down barriers that limit Wyoming from turning our raw materials into finished products. I will bring federal funding and private sector support for career and technical training.

Congress will pass an infrastructure bill that credits Wyoming’s contribution to the nation, not just our population.

- Dave Dodson