Expand Career and Technical Education (CTE)

In Wyoming we have the work ethic and drive, but not always the training, to meet the demands of today’s employers who need qualified CNC operators, software developers, accountants, and more. Fortunately, that problem has a solution—expanded access to career and technical education.

While John Barrasso has been in office, the Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 which provided funding for CTE expired, and even though the House of Representatives passed a replacement bill 405 to 5, the Senate has failed to advance a bill that passed with 99% of the House.

That’s the fundamental difference between me and John Barrasso – I understand the importance of a trained workforce if we want to create a healthier Wyoming economy.

I will find the desk drawer where this bill is lost, and get this bipartisan bill passed, but only after a change in the population and income-based formula to provide Wyoming with our fair share of the funding.

As well, given our fantastic outdoor recreation, inexpensive land, and low cost of living, we are a perfect state for private sector CTE campuses. Instead of using my Senate position to raise money from donors, I’ll use it to encourage corporate training facilities and for-profit trade schools to place new locations in Wyoming to train our workforce.