Dave’s Plan to Put Wyoming First

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My plan to Put Wyoming First is about taking care of Wyomingites. We deserve a senator who will put Wyoming families ahead of donors, personal careers, and party bosses.

But talk is cheap. That's why I've come up with a detailed plan for what I will do as your U.S. senator, why I want this job, and what I can do for you and your family. 



I want to protect our state’s wide open spaces for our great-grandchildren. But our public lands are under attack by John Barrasso and special interests who want to cut us off from our own land. They plan to do this by shifting control of Federal lands to our state, which is an easier target for them to lobby and manipulate (to try and take our land for themselves). Under financial pressures, there can be no guarantee a future state governor or legislature won’t make concessions to special interests in return for short term economic gain. The temptation is too great, the role of money in politics too enormous. We must keep public lands in public hands.


Through monopolistic practices that have been supported by a bought-and-paid-for Congress, Americans pay more for prescription drugs than families in every developed country. Tragically, a quarter of all Americans report they are unable to take their medications as prescribed because they cannot afford to pay for it. John Barrasso has no plan, and is one of the top recipients of donations from drug companies in the entire Senate. I don’t want drug company’s money, and I have a plan to fix this. I call it The Families First Prescription Drug Act.


I’m not happy with our state's economy. Period. Under John Barrasso’s leadership, we fell to last place in the nation for the number of workers that had to leave Wyoming to find employment. For overall economic health, Bloomberg News ranked Wyoming last of all 50 states. We need a healthy economy to preserve our communities for our children and grandchildren, and I'm the only candidate with the business experience to help get that job done


I’m deeply concerned about the influence of money on our representatives’ decision making. We all know that PACs and special interests give to politicians in order to gain access and influence policy. This is wrong. I am proposing three changes to the federal election rules.


I’m done electing career politicians who treat public service like a lifetime appointment. Congressmen should not be able to serve more than 12 years. We were very close in 1994, and now it can be done! I promise to do everything in my power to make term limits a reality so we get a government that serves us.


We all know that much of America has a pretty poor opinion of coal.  But we need long-term public opinion on our side if we hope to end this War on Coal. Today we have a sympathetic Congress and executive branch – but the fate of coal and our Powder River Basin will span many Congresses and presidents, and we can’t count on a permanent Republican majority. It’s time we changed our image. It’s time we changed how we save coal. I have a plan.


A significant immigration fix is long overdue, and I and a huge majority of voters I meet are extremely frustrated with Washington for not getting any kind of reform passed. This shouldn’t be a Democrat or Republican issue — it’s time we stopped yelling slogans at each other and worked together to fix this long-standing problem. I've come up with a four-part policy proposal on how we as a country should once and for all fix our immigration situation.


Wyomingites know about patriotism and sacrifice, with 30% more veterans than the national average in our great state. We're lucky to have them, but we're not holding up our end of the bargain. They signed up and put their lives on the line to defend our freedom throughout the world, but come home to underfunded healthcare in our rural communities and years of red tape dealing with the VA to get the benefits they earned. We need to do more to give our vets the welcome home and healthcare they deserve, hire them enthusiastically, start talking about mental health issues, and end veteran suicide.


My views on taxation are pure Republican. I am for low taxes and a simplified tax code. Period. I have never taken the position that taxes should increase for the middle class…ever.


There are two types of second amendment politicians—those that say what voters want to hear, so they can get the votes of gun owners, and those of us that have grown up with guns and understand their value. As a gun owner myself, I know that for most of us, we learned how to be a responsible person because we owned guns.