Dave Dodson

Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate, 2018


Dave’s Plan to Put Wyoming First


Put Wyoming First represents a value I want for our state. It means that our politicians put Wyoming families ahead of donors, party, and personal careers. It's a return to a time when our Senators went to Washington DC not to build a personal career (or fortune) but instead to help improve the neighborhoods that they represent. My plan to Put Wyoming First is about taking care of Wyomingites.

But talk is cheap. That's why, when I ran, I wrote a detailed plan for what I would do for you and your family as your U.S. senator.

2018 Campaign for U.S. Senate

Dave Dodson ran for U.S. Senate in the Wyoming Republic Primary on August 21, 2018. He ran against John Barrasso, the incumbent Senator. This was Dodson’s first run in politics.