Rebuild our Infrastructure – Immediately and Fairly

We rank 36th overall for infrastructure despite our key role in the nation’s transportation system, and 48th in the nation for internet access! We can’t even drive I-25 between Casper and Cheyenne without cell phone drops! A healthy economy requires we fix our crumbling roads and bridges, poor cellular service, and dismal internet access, and we need a senator that understand the importance of getting this done NOW.

As a businessperson, I have been an outspoken critic of our senator’s inattention to our situation. I understand how important infrastructure is for economic development, and despite being a member of the Senate Public Works Committee, in two terms as our senator, John Barrasso has not passed a single piece of legislation advancing Wyoming’s infrastructure.

Born and raised in rural America, I recognize that our state’s contribution to the country cannot be measured by population. Nonetheless, the currently proposed legislation allocates money principally in that way, leaving us with less than we deserve.

I will oppose any legislation that underfunds block grants to rural communities, requires Wyoming to match federal funding at a ratio of 4:1, and does not recognize agriculture and energy producing states as “projects of national significance.”

Our wide-open spaces create different infrastructure needs than densely populated areas of the coasts. I will Put Wyoming First, and happily ruffle a few feathers, if that’s what it takes to pass an infrastructure bill and to make sure we get our fair share of federal dollars.